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Antonio Feijao UK

My background story

Lisbon Portugal

Hi, my name is Antonio Feijao, born in Portugal and currently living in London, UK.

In highschool I followed the technologies path where I learned the fundamentals of Computer Science and Programing.

Then, I the pursued a 5 years University degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering.

I did learn a lot but was very difficult for me after second year. I only had a minor background in Electronics.

Never give up!

So, to improve my electronics skills, while studying at the University, I also enrolled in a 3 years part-time night course in “Telecommunications and Networking Specialization”.

The private school was called “Forino”, but since then, it changed the name to CINEL.

It was here that I found my passion for Networking. I was a student at Cisco Network Academy for 1.5 years Cisco NetAcad.

After successfully pass my CCNA Routing and Switching Cisco Exam, I got a job offer at Unisys as a Security Consultant and Penetration tester.

I was trained in many areas os security!

Here, I found another passion, Security! I learn best practices, tweaking and hardening configurations configurations, Windows, Linux and Networking.

I learned so much here! I actually like to learn new things every day.

As a Security Consultant, I worked with the largest organizations in Portugal in Finance, Banking.

Luanda Angola

After 1 year experience as a Security Consultant, I was assigned to a 3 years project in Africa, Angola, City of Luanda, at the Minister of Defence.

Hand-on work, assembling racks and data centre equipment, and yes it had servers, cables, networking devices. This took about 1 months.

My responsibility included:

Year 1

  • Networking configurations following the best security practices
  • Monitoring and Alerting Applications
  • Connecting the various cities in Angola back to the Data-Centre in Luanda. (Some cities were connected through satellite trucks, it was great experience tweaking packets sizes, window-size and MTUs for latency improvements)
  • Networking for standalone trucks connected through satellite
  • Collaborating with other teams, mostly Develops, Microsoft Administrators and the Project Managers

Year 2

  • Training the various local teams that would look after the Network Infrastructure
  • Continuous improvements
  • Collaborating with other teams

Year 3

  • Continuous improvements
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Training the local Engineers

I meet amazing people during my stay in Angola.

London United Kingdom

After this project, I went back to Portugal. I learned so much in the past 5 years, but I wanted more.

Most of the technical documentation was in English. In some occasions, I had to engage with the Cisco support. I had the feeling that sometimes I was struggling with the English language.


Fast forwarding, that is why I moved to England, to work, live and improve the english language.

Living in London, United Kingdom, working as Solutions Architect for AWS.

I am a Solutions Architect at AWS, and on my daily job, I help customer with:

  • with moving their workloads into AWS

  • review complex Architecture and migrations project and , –>work with various customer and help them with any type of architectures and the best practices in cloud.

I am am passionate with tech in generally and is a pleasure to me when I help others unfolding complex architectures.

I built this page to practice and get experience.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

by Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein famous quote

What else I do

My passions also include #travel, #spacetravel, #cultures, #outdoors, #coding, #mathematics, #electronics, #physics, #philosophy …

What Solutions Architect do

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Good explanation on the site above, with except on the following sentence: "Some AWS Solutions Architects are focused more on products and not on the customers."

At Amazon and AWS, the company culture starts with Customer Obsession!

We prioritize the customer instead of the product. Check out Amazon Culture and Principles