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AWS EC2 userdata sample script

less than 1 minute read

Sample of an AWS EC2 userdata script that install apache and automatically creates an index.html file as a landing webpage with information about the instanc...

Level of IQ of the smartest people on Earth

8 minute read

See this list of the smartest people ever on Earth, listed by their level of IQ! With links to Wikipedia to read more about these genius. Purpose of this lis...

Linux Command Tee Examples How It Works

less than 1 minute read

tee command in linux command line, how tee works, simple explanations. Imagine the tee command as a ‘T’ , input on the left and 2 exists or outputs, right an...

Practice Python 3 with the fibonacci sequence

less than 1 minute read

Learn Python with a simple “do it yourself” challenges. I went to bed thinking “how could I do the Fibonacci sequence without looking on the internet. Next d...

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Pip3 List Installed Upgrade All

less than 1 minute read

So, I want to list the packages installed with pip3 and now that I can see them, I want to update them all.

Online Learning Websites

less than 1 minute read

Online list of learning websites and channels that I follow. Website that I use for training in various areas.

Python 3 Http Server

less than 1 minute read

A quick and simple way to start a webserver on the current directory with Python 3 using module http.server

Aws List Of Services

3 minute read

Simple way to get a list of AWS Services. As of $ date +%Y-%B-%d, 2019-November-26 there are 206 service. Checked by using wc -c command at the end of the b...

Linux Iptables Block Ip

less than 1 minute read

Linux iptables, quick, simple and effective way to block an ip address or subnet range.

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